Turning over a new leaf?

Every Friday I review the previous week and plan for the next week. I find Mind Maps useful for this. If you are not familiar with Mind Maps, they are a graphic way of presenting information. Each Mind Map has an image in the centre which symbolise the topic. The difficulty I used to have […]

Mapping the way ahead

It has been a busy week. On the surface, not a lot has been done. This could be disheartening, particularly in the case of the house, which is still drying out after the flood. However, a lot of small stuff has been done to prepare for our eventual return and that makes me feel a […]

A word in your ear

Recently I had an interesting email about sub-vocalisation and speed reading from a gentleman who lives in Mississippi. He said his biggest problem is sub-vocalisation. He doesn’t move his lips but he hears the words in his head. His question was: ‘They say it is impossible to stop sub-vocalization, but if that is true how […]

Don’t just sit there!

Reading is one activity when it makes sense to sit still. Our eyes have the task of tracking across the page to read the text. Of course, this is more difficult if we are moving about. However, it isn’t all that great for human beings to be sat still for long. A sedentary lifestyle can […]