Mapping the way ahead

It has been a busy week. On the surface, not a lot has been done. This could be disheartening, particularly in the case of the house, which is still drying out after the flood.
However, a lot of small stuff has been done to prepare for our eventual return and that makes me feel a bit better. I am the sort of person who likes to think at the end of the week that, ok, I might be a long way off achieving my goals, but I am a bit nearer than I was at the beginning of the week.
I use Mind Maps for weekly plans and I find them very motivating. It’s encouraging to track progress and, as I have one graphic that represents all the key areas in my life, it only takes a glance to check whether I am keeping things balanced.
In the autumn, I did an interview about hope for, and it has just been posted on their site.  I was a bit nervous about the interview beforehand, although I need not have worried. Chris Williams, the interviewer, asks everyone the same questions and I knew what to expect, which helped. I created a Mind Map plan of what I wanted to say. Some things I know about hope have been learned the hard way, through painful personal experiences. Although these events inform my view of hope, out of respect for other people’s privacy, I would not be able to speak of some of them. By thinking about people who have inspired me, I found other ways to talk about my experience of hope. I had more confidence when replying to Chris’s questions, because I had my Mind Map plan. Anyway, I hope that the listeners find the pod cast interesting.
This is the Mind Map I created for the interview.

Hope Mind Map

See you next week!


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