Turning over a new leaf?

Every Friday I review the previous week and plan for the next week. I find Mind Maps useful for this. If you are not familiar with Mind Maps, they are a graphic way of presenting information. Each Mind Map has an image in the centre which symbolise the topic. The difficulty I used to have was that occasionally I found it difficult to think of an image for that week. Often I resort to simply writing the word WEEK instead of creating a central image.
In November I was teaching Mind Mapping to an international audience and I used a Mind Map with a central image of autumn leaves. The shapes were easy to draw and colourful. There was a good response to the Mind Map from the audience and I realised that many of these new Mind Mappers had not drawn much since leaving school. An image of leaves can be a good choice for those of us who are not artists .
With a careful selection of a leaf or leaves, I can create a quick, memorable image that represents that the week and its place in the passing of the seasons. It’s a simple way of connecting with nature. It refreshes the planning process and I feel relaxed and ready to focus on the week ahead.

Scan_20151202 (3)


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