Spring greetings!

Today the clocks have sprung forward. Daffodils are flowering here in Northumberland. I thought I would share a photograph of the crocus in the walled garden of Wallington Hall.


The Hall was the home of Trevelyan family, before it was donated to the National Trust. I remember reading G.M. Trevelyan’s ‘English Social History’ when I was at school in Hexham. I enjoyed reading it. At the time I did not give a thought as  to what the author was like.

It was very interesting seeing a photograph of George with his family. Suddenly I could imagine G.M. Trevelyan not just a distinguished historian, but a lively young man in the midst of a happy family scene.

The Trevelyans were a bookish family, and according to the National Trust volunteer I met, they still are. It is a wonderful thing when families share their love of reading and talk to each other about the books they have read. I hope this is something that you have experienced.  Discussing books with friends and family has been a source of great joy throughout my life

It’s spring. Time for new beginnings and fresh pages. Enjoy them all!



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