After the flood… the rainbow

Things are busy down at our house. (For the benefit of those of you who are newcomers, it was flooded during Storm Desmond.)
The floors are back in, we have interior walls in place and doors. In a week or two, after the plaster has dried, the decorators will be painting the interior of the house.
This is why I have been reading Farrow & Ball’s ‘How to Decorate’. I found that choosing colours for one room is relatively easy, but choosing colours for our entire home isn’t. The overall effect should be harmonious and have ‘flow’.
I really like the book. It explains what the different groups of neutrals are. (Previously I had thought of neutrals as being just one group.) I was fascinated to read about different colour choices for rooms that faced the north, south, east and west.
I am going to get some help from an expert in choosing the colours. The book has been really helpful in that I now understand the reasoning that will underpin the choices.
There were many inspiring photographs of rooms. I liked the idea of having contrasting colours inside wardrobes and cupboards. There are surprise bursts of colour when doors are opened. I thought the idea of extending the colour scheme into the garden was clever (the example was painting the garden gate). I would recommend the book to anyone planning to redecorate.

I am really looking forward to choosing colours. It won’t be long before we move back home.

Home and Away

Most of the time I have travel for work and occasionally I teach in the village where I live.

I enjoyed working in Switzerland recently. This time I was in Geneva and I was staying in the old town, not far from the Lake. Wisteria and lilacs were in bloom in some of the gardens. The old part of the city is full of interesting buildings. Here is a photograph taken near to where I was staying.


And here is one of Riding Mill, near to where I was working last Saturday.


Thanks for reading these posts. See you again soon!



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