An Old Acquaintance I’ll Always Remember

Today I’ll be reviewing the Mind Map time plan for the Hexham Book Festival workshop, ‘An Introduction to Speed Reading’.

It is a two-hour slot and there is a lot to cover in the time. I spent some time thinking about what was absolutely essential and what I could leave out. This can be a good thing. I remind myself of Tony Buzan’s comment that our word education derives from educere, a Latin verb meaning to draw out. Education is much better when it is about drawing out ideas, rather than stuffing facts in.

Another very important point Tony would make was about the importance of breaks for learning. The audience will need a break at least half way through, if not earlier. It would be a good idea to have another short break to take a stretch, too.

I have been thinking about Tony recently, after the sad and unexpected news of his death.

Talking of breaks…It is a beautiful sunny day. I can enjoy the spring sunshine and remember an old acquaintance with great affection, in a way which would have made him smile, with a break.



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