Busy bee… new course for local students

comfrey with bee

Over the past couple of months I have been planning new courses for the autumn. I often sit outside, notebook in hand, jotting down ideas as they come to me. There’s a large clump of comfrey nearby, which attracts lots of bees. They have been busy and so have I.


For a while I have wanted to put together a short course for local youngsters starting university. ‘The Reading List Course’ would prepare them to manage high volumes of reading material efficiently. For most new students, their first encounter with lengthy reading lists often occurs not long after they find out that their A level results have secured their university places.


My first thought was that the course would need to be short. There’s a lot happening in youngsters’ lives at this point. Like the honey bees, they are pretty busy.


Is this the best time to learn how to speed read? To get the most from training, people have to practise the skill. The new students will be learning how to look after themselves for the first time, as well as starting their studies. Maybe the best time to learn might be after students have settled into life at university. Possibly December would be better, after the end of the autumn term.


However, there are some really useful strategies they could benefit from right from the start.  These would give them the expertise to organise reading projects.  They would be able to save time and achieve more with less stress. They would absorb and remember information better and manage the whole process effectively, from start to completion. What’s more, these strategies can be put in place instantly, without much effort. This is the thinking behind ‘The Reading List Course’: speedier reading now and speed reading later.


After the initial stage of designing the course, the next phase involves finding a venue, estimating costs and doing some market research. In a small village, such as the one I live in, there is plenty of help and advice. It is all starting to take shape. There’s a local venue in Riding Mill, a marketing plan and I have estimated costs. I like to keep the course price low, to make it affordable for the youngsters.


As I write this, I am putting the finishing touches to the course materials and booking information. I am looking forward to presenting the course in September. It’ll ‘bee’ good!


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